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A confirmation mail will be sent to your email id after the completion of registration process and at various other events like post buy/sell offer, which is supposed to reach immediately but a maximum of 1 hour. If you haven’t received the mail within 1 hour, please contact us on the email id on the Contact us page.

Please Check your spam/junk email folders because there might be possibility that emails landed up in your spam/junk folders depending upon the spam filter which is active at your Internet Service Provider.

You can send an email to us and we will close your account. But you may end up losing lots of potential business so think properly and chat with our support staff, before doing so.

The Metalmann is the first ever professional online business platform of its kind to facilitate international trade of Non Ferrous Metals and Metal Scrap. There has never been a time, better than now, to be part of the metal industry online; for the perfect melange of global business opportunity and the rapid advancement of technology which has created an atmosphere conducive to exponential growth.

The Metalmann brings together the entire market place on a digital platform. It not only provides sellers a global arena to offer material but also presents buyers with the widest spectrum of material to choose from. The most unique facet of the app is that both vendors and customers can buy and sell with utmost confidence through the interface of The Metalmann.

The app lets you browse through multiple categories of Non Ferrous Metal and Metal Scrap, find material with a single click and proceed to closing in on the best deals at the most competitive prices. Not just that, complete the entire documentation and transaction process on the go too.

Apart from viewing and managing your transaction reports, you can also get live updates on market movements, LME prices, currency rates, real-time news in the metal market and track local and global demand and supply of various categories of Non Ferrous Metal and Metal Scrap.

The Metalmann is a tool exclusively for you to be more productive and successful in the global metal and metal recycling & scrap industry.

Convenience- Browse, Search, Filter and get product details for precisely what you’re looking for- your requirement.

Make the right move- Follow products, their prices and different offers to analyse market trends in real time to help you make the most advantageous decisions.

Competitive bidding- Participate in real-time bidding to buy products at any time of the day & from any part of the world to get the most competitive price globally.

Customize- Select and rearrange categories of products according to your needs and preferences to be visible on your Home Screen.

Be at ease- Receive personalized, automatic notifications about activities related to your transactions, new products and offers in the market, revisions on your bid and much more.

Wishlist- If your requirement is unavailable at a particular time, add it to your Wishlist, for us to tell you when it’s immediately available from your preferred part of the world.

Compare- View pictures and prices of various products of the same category simultaneously in order to choose the best for yourself.

Communicate- Chat directly in your own language with The Metalmann Trading Desk in case of any clarifications or negotiations.

Secured- Buy and sell with utmost confidence knowing that all transactions are through the interface of The Metalmann and are securely processed.

Live Prices – See Currency rates and market movements live on your screen all the time

Languages – Available in most of popular languages of the world

You have to press ‘Register Here’ and fill in details as required and upon receipt of same, an One Time Password will be sent to your registered mobile number and upon entering the same, will be able to register with The Metalmann. However, additional info about your business and its certifications will be asked, if your organisation name is not in our master data list.

You will receive notification on your registered mobile screen saying ‘Your request for authorization has been approved. You can see all the products from your preferred categories and place bid for them.’ Upon receipt of same, you can start buying or bidding to buy your authorized non-ferrous metals and metal scraps.

Its important to complete the profile so as to maximize the potential of this App and use its all features and not to lose any potential business opportunity. It helps in increasing our user experience and enhance our value addition to their business.

Only authorized person of registered organisations are allowed to bid. Guest user can view lot of information but cannot buy material from The Metalmann.

A registered user can only view details of all offers available and buy or bid for the same and transact business.

A registered user can edit only few personal details only on his own. To edit all Other information, authorisation from The Metalmann is required.

A registered user can add or edit sub-categories in already authorized product Category any time and offers of that sub-category only will be shown on his Home screen. However, add/edit of product category requires pre-Authorization from The Metalmann.

User clicks on ‘Forgot Password?’ button. They have to enter passcode. Once passcode is accepted, an email is sent to the registered mail address. It will contain a 6-digit (alpha-numeric) code which user has to enter in the app on this screen. If the user entered code matches with the one sent in the mail, it will take user to the next screen where they enter the new password. Once a password is updated, its required to login again

When passcode is forgotten, user request a new passcode and an email with a 4 digit code is sent to the official mail address. User enters the code in the app. If the code matches they are taken to the screen where they will enter new code. User will have to log in again.