1 Can other persons in my company bid on my behalf?

Only one person, who is authorised to bid for the organisation can bid from his registered mobile. Others are not allowed to bid on his/her behalf. However, all can view all information and transaction history.

2 What is wish list?

Wish List is where a buyer list his requirement, for which currently offers are not available in market and invite offers for the same. Buyer can mention all details like origin of material, attachment levels, destination port, quality, quantity required etc. and upon receipt of offers from vendors, buyer is notified of the same.

3 How can I contact The Metalmann during bidding process?

There is ‘Chat’ option available at the right corner on top, during bidding process, wherein buyer can contact The Metalmann and seeks clarifications.

4 How Can I check current status of my bids ?

In ‘My Bids’ section on home screen, list of all offers for which a user has bid for along with the status of that bid is shown. Green colour shows that bid is won and need to proceed to complete the transaction. Orange colour means that bidding is still in progress and red colour shows that bid is lost.

5 Can I ask The Metalmann to offer materials as per my specifications ?

Yes, you can ask for material as per all your specifications by listing the same in Wish List as My Requirement.

6 Which are the currencies accepted for transaction by The Metalmann?

The currency accepted for each transaction is always shown in the details of Offer.

7 As a buyer, can I withdraw my bid?

Normally, you can not withdraw your bid once it has been entered by you. However, App allows withdrawal of bid, if LME prices has come down more than prescribed by The Metalmann, during the bidding process, which is shown in Bidding Screen and on tapping of the same, detail conditions can be viewed.

8 How does The Metalmann ensures the quality of materials supplied?

The Metalmann offers material through its own registered entities only and they are totally responsible for the quality of the material supplied.

9 What are the various methods of bidding?

There are three types of bidding options available –

a Fixed Price, where in price is fixed and buyer can bid for different quantity,

b Price Range, where in buyer can bid within price range given & for different Quantity, and

c Open Bid, where upon expiry of time, the highest bidder is won for the quantity bid. All others lose.

10 How can I see my transaction status ?

The status of each transaction is shown separately in Transaction Manager and each completed step of every transaction is shown with green right mark and rest without mark showing pending.

11 How can I give a feedback for any of the issues like quality of material or delay in delivery etc.

Customer can write message or mail by selecting the concerned department and subject and write feedback with reference to particular transaction.

12 How can I view my old transactions which are completed ?

Old transactions can be viewed in Completed column in Transaction History menu.

13 How should I contact The Metalmann support ? I am unable to see any phone numbers where I can contact the support staff ?

All registered users can send us email or messages, the option is which is available on home screen all the time. Or can send us message through Contact us page by filling the form and if required, our support staff will contact them by phone on their registered mobile number. We do not provide direct phone support currently. Guest users can send us the email mentioned on the Contact us page and we will proceed from there.